A Child Waits Foundation


A Child Waits Foundation’s mission is to save children from living their entire childhood in international orphanages without the warmth and love of a family.  Every child deserves a family and their goal is to unite children waiting for parents, with parents who are longing for children.

What They Do

A Child Waits Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation that was founded in 1998 by Randolph and Cynthia Nelson.  The Nelsons continue to run the Foundation and are the proud parents of three children adopted from Eastern Europe.   The purpose of A Child Waits Foundation is to decrease the number of children that are living in international orphanages and growing up without a family.  They help prospective parents, who lack the funds necessary to complete their adoption, by providing grants and low interest loans for international adoption.  Through both of their programs, A Child Waits Foundation has helped over 1000 children to be adopted from more than 30 different countries.  Their focus is to help families to complete their adoption by providing the final funding needed to bring their children home.  For many families, this funding, at the end of the process is what makes the difference in their ability to complete their adoption.

Key Programs

International Adoption Grant Program

Low Interest International Loan Program

Countries They Work In

A Child Waits Foundation accepts applications from eligible US residents in the process of International adoption.

Contact Information

Address: 1136 Barker Road, #12, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Phone: 866-999-2445

Fax: 518-794-6243

Email: cnelson@achildwaits.org

Website: www.achildwaits.org

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