Adoption-Link provides quality services for all in the adoption triad: birth parents, children and adoptive families. They specialize in domestic and international adoption and humanitarian services for African, African-American, multiracial, HIV+ and other special needs children. They believe that all children have a right to a loving and permanent home.

What They Do

Haiti Program

Adoption-Link was founded in August 1992 by Margaret Fleming, a clinical social worker and adoptive mother of nine children. The agency began as an adoption consultation service. Initially, a staff of one employee and one volunteer performed services for adoptive families and birth-parents through the process of private adoption. Today Adoption-Link is a full-service, licensed child-welfare agency, placing healthy and special needs children through domestic,Haiti and Uganda programs. To date over 1,000 domestic infants and 33 children from Haiti have found permanent loving homes. Adoption-Link also provides international and domestic home study and post placement services.

Adoption-Link is based on the philosophy that children of all races, including those children with special needs, have a right to a loving and permanent home. Increasingly, prospective adoptive parents from all cultures and backgrounds are turning to minority children in the United States to build families through adoption. This trend has generated a need for educational, supportive, and networking services specific to the needs of these children. Providing these specialized adoption services has been the primary purpose of Adoption-Link.

Uganda Program

Chances by Choice (CBC), also founded by Margaret in 2003, merged with and became a program of Adoption-Link in 2006. CBC specializes in finding adoptive homes for internationally born HIV exposed children. Over 60 HIV positive children have been placed through Adoption-Link services to date. CBC also provides support to internationally born HIV+ children through sponsorship, education and humanitarian services.

Key Programs

Domestic Infant Adoption, International Adoption: Uganda, International Adoption :Haiti, Chances by Choice (CBC)

Countries They Work In

Uganda and Haiti

Contact Information

Address: Adoption-Link, 1113 South Boulevard, Oak Park, IL 60302

Noreen, Stephanie and Margaret! Here to help you through your adoption process.

Phone: 708-524-1433

Fax: 708-524-9691




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