Ametz Adoption Program, Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA)


Ametz is the modern Hebrew word for adoption. The literal meaning of the word is [to] strengthen. JCCA believes adoption is  a process that strengthens all members of the adoption triad: providing options for birth parents, and strong new families for children and adopting parents.

JCCA’s Ametz Adoption Program is a client-centered service helping couples and individuals create Jewish families. Through support, guidance, concrete services, information and education, Ametz staff guides both individuals and couples through all stages of the adoption process. In its work, Ametz seeks to balance the needs of the birth parents, the child and the adopting parents.

Ametz also provides supportive services to Jewish and interfaith families exploring issues of adoptive parenting, Jewish education and communal involvement. In addition, the program offers training on adoption issues to professionals and institutions and serves as a clearinghouse for adoption information in the Jewish community.

Ametz maintains standards and policies that ensure that domestic and international adoptions take place in the best interests of children, prevent the abduction, sale or trafficking of children and comply with state, federal laws and the Convention of the Rights of the Child, the lntercountry Adoption Act of 2000 and the Implementing Regulations for lntercountry Adoptions issued in February 2006.

Jewish Child Care Association’s mission is based on a heritage of more than 190 years of quality services to children and their families, as well as the universal mandate within the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam – the responsibility of every person to make the world a better place. Its mission is to meet the child welfare and mental health needs of all children and their families in the New York Metropolitan area. At the same time JCCA is committed to providing services to Jewish children and their families in support of Jewish continuity. Its highly trained, dedicated staff works collaboratively with families to build on their strengths, preserve the family when possible, and help create new families when necessary, so that children may thrive by having a sense of family, culture and community.


What They Do

JCCA’s Ametz Adoption Program has assisted New York and New Jersey families and individuals through the private adoption process for more than 28 years. Ametz offers consultations, homestudies, and workshops for adoptive parents, parents-to-be, their children, and extended family members.  Ametz also provides professional training. To learn more about the Ametz Adoption program, visit .

Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA) is a comprehensive child and family services agency. JCCA works with those who need its services most, including children who have been neglected or abused, immigrant Jewish families, and those building new lives. Most of JCCA’s clients come to the agency because they struggle with poverty or family crises, and because they are working to create an independent future. JCCA helps more than 16,000 children and families every year and is consistently rated at the highest levels for the quality of our programs. In all its work, JCCA is motivated by tikkun olam, the value within Jewish tradition that calls upon all of us to repair the world, and by its belief that every child deserves to grow up hopeful.


Key Programs

Home Study and Post Placement/Post Adoption Reports
Educational Workshops
Support Groups for Adults and Children
Professional Training (in person and online)
Consultations and Referrals

Countries They Work In

Dominican Republic

Contact Information

Address: 120 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005

Phone: (212) 558-9949



Twitter: KathyAnnBrodsky



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