Living Hope Adoption Agency


Living Hope Adoption Agency is a Christian adoption agency motivated by the Biblical mandate to care for orphans and needy children.  It is their goal to provide homes for orphans and needy children by bringing adoptive parents and those children together to become “forever families” with a level of Christian care and compassion that exceeds normal expectations.

What They Do

Living Hope Adoption Agency was founded in 1994, after their president, Samuel Fang, and his wife, Lily, visited an orphanage near Shanghai, China.  After witnessing the overwhelming number of children there, their hearts were moved and they felt a calling to open an agency in the U.S. to provide permanent homes for Chinese children in need.

In 2010, Living Hope Adoption Agency started a pilot program to help needy children in Honduras.   Board member, Robin Horner, has 20+ years of experience of mission work in Honduras.  Through his time there, he was able to recognize the desperate need of the children, including those who have been abandoned.

They realize that adoption can be a confusing process.  That’s why they do everything they can to make the process as simple as possible.  They are here to answer your questions and to personally work alongside you, step by step, through your adoption.  Their established relationships in China and Honduras help them facilitate your adoption with ease, and they are excited to assist you and your family through your adoption journey.

Living Hope Adoption Agency is a team of Christian professionals committed to providing families with various adoption services.  They strive to assist families who wish to grow their families through the wonderful process of adoption, providing loving and nurturing homes for needy children.

Living Hope Adoption Agency is licensed to complete pre-adoption services, home studies and post-adoption services in Pennsylvania, along with facilitating adoptions for families across the U.S.

Key Programs

Intercountry adoption

Countries They Work In

China, Honduras

Contact Information

Address: 449 Pennsylvania Avenue Fort Washington, PA 19034

Phone: 888-886-8086

Fax: 215-540-2765




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