Lutheran Service Society of New York









To provide human care and educational services to individuals, families and children.  Providing Hope and a Future to those we serve.

What They Do

At LSS of NY they believe that every child deserves a healthy, loving family.  Their Adoption services help make this a reality for some children.

The Adoption Program formally began in 1905.  At that time, finding loving, Christian homes for “local born children” was the focus of the adoption program.

In 1962, LSS began working with other agencies to find homes for “foreign born children”. LSS of NY performed the home studies and identified  families that would provide a healthy, loving home for these children.

Adopted from Poland

In 2003, LSS began placing orphaned children living in Poland.

The Poland Adoption program focused on placing young basically healthy children. In 2012, the focus expanded to finding families for older children (Never Too Late)  and children born with down syndrome (Olivia’s Hope).

Key Programs

Finding Families for children in orphanages in Poland
Never Too Late
Olivia’s Hope

Countries They Work In


Contact Information

Address: 6680 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221

Phone: 716-631-9212

Fax: 716-631-9209


Website:  and

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