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Happy MLJ Family

It is the mission of MLJ Adoptions, Inc. to find loving and permanent homes for the vulnerable orphans of our world by providing competent and ethical international adoption services that safeguard the best interests of children.

What They Do

MLJ Adoptions, Inc. is happy to serve families across the United States and around the world who are interested in international adoption. MLJ Adoptions, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Michele L. Jackson, JD, who has dedicated her profession and personal philanthropy to the adoption and care of orphans worldwide. They are a Hague Approved Licensed Child Placing Agency (LCPA) based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it is their goal to find loving homes for orphans. They pursue that goal with passion.

Hands of an Orphan

MLJ Adoptions, Inc. provides adoption services in Bulgaria, Congo, Honduras, Nicaragua, Samoa, Ukraine, and a growing list of other countries. Their Program Directors expertly guide their prospective adoptive parents through the complex process of international adoption.

Their team includes attorneys, mental health counselors, social workers, a financial resources coordinator, ministry coordinator, missionary and adoptive parents. They are a highly experienced group of professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Their team members have traveled extensively to the countries in which they offer programs and have witnessed first-hand the plight of orphans around the world.

In addition to helping families navigate the international adoption process, they offer home study, adoption preparation and re-adoption services. They believe it is important to provide continued support to children and families that extends beyond post-placement reports, and also offer support groups for the adoption community at large.

Key Programs

International Adoption
Adoption Services
Adoption Preparation
Support Services
Post Placement

Countries They Work In

Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Samoa, Ukraine, Mexico

MLJ Domestic and International Staff

Contact Information

Address: 617 E. North Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 317-875-0058

Fax: 317-602-6301





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