University of Chicago Adoption Center


Mission Statement: The mission of the University of Chicago Adoption Center is to provide exemplary care, advocacy and research to meet the unique needs of healthy and JCIS2medically complex orphaned children and their adopting families.

What we do: Since 2003, the University of Chicago Adoption Center has specialized in providing medical and developmental care to adopted children. Many American families reach beyond our borders to adopt children left orphaned by natural disaster, war, disease, and poverty. Very often these children face a range of complex medical needs including HIV, malnutrition, congenital deformities, and developmental delays. We are uniquely suited to see all children with special needs. Our practice provides a family and their newlyJCIS3 adopted child with an overall comprehensive health evaluation. We also act as a liaison to the excellent network of pediatric sub-specialists at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital. Medical and developmental care at the Adoption Center is provided both by a Developmental & Behavioral pediatrician and advance practice nurses in Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Believing that our unique mode of integrated care helps to holistically view the child and family, we together create a plan or care as medical issues and developmental concerns are identified. They Care Team may also include other needed services of language translators, speech and language pathologists, sensory integration specialists, social workers with a background in trauma exposures, child life specialists, and a chaplain who all work in sync to provide your family with comprehensive yet comfortable, holistic treatment.


Key programs:

Pre-Adoption Assessments:

Travel Clinic:

Post-Adoption Evaluations:

Supportive Care:

Contact Information:

-          Address: 5841 S. Maryland Ave., MC 6054; Chicago, IL 60637

-          Phone: 773.326.7772JCIS1

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